About Rodney Rash and StageBoy.com

My name is Rodney Rash I am a professional magician and fabricator living in the Austin Texas area. Throughout my career as a magician I hrclubhave performed every type of magic imaginable. From the streets of Boston to stages around the country I have presented small and large shows.

My love of magic has always been in stage props. I can really appreciate close-up magic but my true love has always been platform and illusions. As a builder and designer I am always fascinated with how some of the tricks are fabricated. Many of the books that I’ve read over the years left much to the imagination as to how you could actually build the tricks. Many of the books and planes out today are written strictly in theory. The author hands over planes to a to a professional fabricator to figure out how to build it. This website is dedicated to help fill in the gap between what’s on the page of an illusion book or planes and how it can actually be built.

I have been actively fabricating tricks for over 20 years I’ve learned a lot and I have a lot to learn. I am excited about building magic with the advancement in technology and in the availability of equipment to everyone. I am learning new techniques every day . I hope to share these techniques with others so we can push the art to a new level.

It’s no longer our father’s world where everything was built on the table saw. Today with computer aided design CNC equipment, lasers, injection molding ,  electronics and a array of new building materials I believe we will see a new era in stage magic. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Pleas let let me know if there’s a specific subject are method you would like covered in a post. I will do my best to explain it or find someone who can. My hope is we can grow as a community of creators.

Rodney Rash

dedicated to stage and platform magicians