Rodney Rash Pro Line Magic Table

Rodney Rash Pro Line Magic Table

This table was designed for the working Pro. The table is finished in a durable black ABS material -the same material they use for ATA music and shipping cases. The ABS material is durable and will take the punishment of being on the road and hundreds of shows a year. The contoured metal edges give it a professional look. The large casters allow you to roll the table across rough terrain.  The three drawers and built-in pullout shelf with a servantewill give you the room and capability of presenting and packing many types of shows-all from one table!

A good working table is one of the most overlooked props. When your calendar starts to fill with shows and you realize you don’t want to pack a different show every day, a table like the Pro Line Magic Table becomes your best friend. This table has the space to hold many different types of shows at one time. From stage and school shows to the trade show floor and into the weekend for birthday party shows, this table can handle them all. With three spacious drawers the Pro Line Magic Table has plenty of room to store your props.

Table features

Large tabletop– the problem with many of the magic tables today is there is no real defined tabletop to present on. This table gives you plenty of space to hold props and/or present card and coin effects right on the table. The reversed trim edge allows you to drop coins and other objects over the back into the built-in servante silently, without making noise over a metal edge. The cloth is soft and easy to manipulate cards and coins, yet firm enough to hold any large prop that will fit on the table. The overlapping edges allow you to easily pick the table up and place the table in a vehicle for transportation.

Built-in Servante-built-in to this table is a small pullout shelf with the servant  in the center. This is perfect for close-up such as cups and balls and coin affects. The shelf allows you to place items out of view of the audience and quickly retrieve them during your routine.  The large servant  is a perfect space to ditch coins rings and other objects. It’s also a great place to hold objects during standard routines and mental magic.

Two storage drawers– these drawers are roomy enough to hold the average props and organize them for multiples shows. These drawers slide on custom metal brackets that easily open during performance but will not easily open during transportation or the pushing of the table on and off stage.

A built-in side table drawer. The bottom drawer on the table is actually a removable side table. This side-table drawer rides on custom metal brackets that easily open during performance but will not easily open during transportation or the pushing of the table on and off stage This is the perfect part of the table for holding large props and transporting them to your show. This side table drawer is removable,  and can be mounted to a standard Eureka base  or other magic stand. The side table drawer can also be used as a dump table during your program. When the table is removed and placed on the stage it helps fill your stage then  pops back into the table immediately after the performance to be easily wheeled away.  When the side drawer table is removed it creates a large compartment in the main table to place objects in during your performance. This becomes the perfect space to quickly place large props after performing them.

(Note: the table does not come with a Eureka base or stand. We felt as though many magicians already own this prop and it would just be an extra expense on the table. You can order a Eureka table base from any magic shop. You could use another type of stand such as a speaker stand and bracket commonly found at any large music store or online)

ABS covering– the ABS covering is a durable solid color covering that has been an industry standard for musicians and their equipment for years. The ABS is a scratch resistant material and the color is permeated to the entire material so there is no need for touch up paint even if the table becomes scratched. The ABS is applied to the outer shell of the table in sheets with industrial adhesive and pressed in an industrial press for eight hours at 2000 pounds. This assures an even and commercially durable bond. We have taken great care to make sure the adhesive stays in extreme temperatures either hot or cold.

Decorative trim– the beautiful engraved aluminum edging trims out the table to give it a professional high-end look. This trim not only ties the piece together but also will give your table protection and a durability to last for years.

Large casters– a smooth ride is what you want when you are pushing your equipment. Most tables I’ve worked with in the past have small casters that are only good on a flat smooth stage or surface. The problem is you have to get your equipment to the stage from your vehicle across rough parking lots, over bumpy sidewalks, and down long hallways. These heavy duty large casters will help you glide to your next show.

Removable wheelbase– the casters are mounted to a removable wheel base. When we developed this table I built several versions of the table and allowed other magicians to present thousands of shows with the tables. I listened to the feedback and realized that the height of the table caused a problem for loading the table in some vehicles. By adding a removable caster base, I eliminated the height problem for most vehicles. This table will fit easily in any standard minivan. With the wheelbase removed, it will fit in most full-size and compact SUVs. We have even placed it in the back seat of a 1991 Mazda sedan. By simply removing the base, the clearance was enough to fit in almost any vehicle we tried.

(Note:  Please measure your vehicle door height first to make sure it will meet your needs.)

Table Specifications

height with wheel base attached 33 inches

height with wheel base off 28 1/2 inches

overall measurements with wheels attached

dimensions with base attached 33 inches high by 21 inches deep by 13 1/2 inches wide

tabletop dimensions 24 inches by 16″ x 1″

weight of table 50 pounds.

United States Shipping only Check with dealer for all other country’s.

Price 525.00 dollars.

Shipping 75.00 dollars ( United states shipping only available at this time.  )

Allow four to six weeks shipping these tables are built individually as ordered.

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dedicated to stage and platform magicians