Build a Color Wheel

This color wheel is a nifty little tool to keep around the shop. It’s a fun project to cut out and have. If you’re like me choosing the right color combinations can sometimes be challenging. This is a simple color wheel to help you choose basic color combinations. This color wheel will not make you a great artist like Chance Wolf however it will help you choose basic colors for your props.

I first came across a similar color wheel in a book called the new makeup of magic by Mickey Hades. Published in 1972 and is an outstanding resource for understanding how magic is built and the concepts behind the design of magic props. If you can get your hands on a copy of this book I would definitely put it in your library.

I have included a PDF with this page that you can print out to make the color wheel. Print two copies of the color wheel. Cut the center color dial out of one of the copies and attach it to the center of the color wheel on the other copy to make your color wheel.

click hear do down load PDF of color wheel collor wheel

Have Fun

Rodney Rash

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