No need for shop

When I started building  magic props you had to have a home shop or be lucky enough to have a friend with equipment. Over the years I Tech-Shophave built an impressive collection of tools to build magic props. However today that is all changed. Because of the builder movement community workshops such as hacker space tech shop to name a few have started popping up in communities all over.

These builder spaces are places where creative individuals come together and share equipment and ideas. Just five years ago it would’ve been impossible for most people to get their hands on automated C&C production equipment lasers at a reasonable price. Today these shops make it possible for anyone to build amazing props and extremely reasonable price.

Although I have a nice shop at home I am still a member of tech shop. For an extremely reasonable price this workspace gives me access to a full metal shop welding facilities a complete woodworking shop including C&C woodworking equipment. A machine shop screen printing equipment vinyl cutters injection molding machines plastic welding electronic diagnostic and production equipment 3-D printers and much much more. It would be impossible for an individual to afford the amount of equipment that is available to today’s builders individually. The builder movement is one of the great movements of our time to advance the building of stage magic.

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