Carry an emergency kit

Quick tips for the road for a traveling Magician 

Make an emergency kit ( I’m not referring to a medical kit.) I carry a small kit with me in the car when I travel to shows on the road. This kit contains items I have found useful as I travel. They are for quick hygiene, minor medical needs, and clothing repair. Inside the kit I usually carry.

  •  a sewing kit
  •  Band-Aids and disinfectant (no one likes a bloody magician onstage!) Okay, I have seen Brian Brushwood’s show-maybe his audience does enjoy that.
  • tape
  • disposable toothbrushes
  •  disinfectant hand towels
  • some cash just in case

This is just a quick kit that I can throw in the front seat of the car and take with me. It covers most minor problems that I run in throughout the day, and a way to freshen up in between shows and meals. Good luck on the road.
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Rodney Rash

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